Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You just give me the... sparklies.

So I stalk blogs. I'm a stalker. I'll just put that out there. Well, over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed lots of bloggers adding these little "sparklies" entries to their blogs. Basically, I think the sparklies are just things/events/people that make us happy or send a little shiver down our spine. Here is my list. Clearly, I've got... nothing better to do than blog about NOTHING Time. On. My. Hands.

In no particular order...drumroll please...Christine's "Sparklies"

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra... I love Frankie tunes, but this is a personal fave. My Nono loved this song too, so it has sentimental value.

A personal mantra... Some people choose a motivational quote, a Bible verse, etc... Choose one that means something to you and repeat it to yourself when you feel like ending it all, perhaps during a verbal altercation with your three year old daughter while running the hills of San Diego.

Any email from Banana, lululemon, Sephora, etc... that says, "Thank you for your order, Christine. Your [white timeless tee, 57th pair of yoga pants, newest miracle cream insert item here] has shipped and will be delivered personally by Bradley Cooper sans shirt via FedEx within 2-3 business days.
Aviators... These sunglasses make anyone look smokin' hot. I love them. I rock aviators everyday!

Cleaning/Organizing a cupboard or closet... I have no idea why I like doing this so much, but for some reason I do. I'm totally becoming so lame awesome in my old age.

My sister... Sure, we are sisters and we still have our share of physical brawls disagreements, but no one else can get me into a gut-busting laugh attack more than this girl. And she's an awesome aunt to Addy.

Any of the Mari Winsor pilates DVDs... Pilates will help improve your posture and lots of other things and the Winsor Pilates series (old, new, current) are some of the best out there. I love Mari!
Diet Coke... warm/cold, can/bottle. I get a little chill down my spine when I crack my first DC of the morning. After I've already had two cups of coffee, natch.

The street I grew up on... Ok remember when we you were a kid and everyone made up their pornstar rockstar name and it was always the name of your first pet (Coco, the wonderdog) followed by the name of the street you grew up on (Paradise Lane), COCO PARADISE. Thank you Mom and Dad for planning that so perfectly. That aside, I do love going to see my old house in Arizona and I love seeing the homes where my parents grew up in Wisconsin. Ok, that was a really stupid "sparkly."

Meeting someone with the same birthday... One of my girlfriends is my birthday twin (June 10) and I love sharing my special day with her, but I also love hearing about other June birthdays. Love my Geminis!

The finish line of any race... It could be a local 5k or the Olympic Marathon, regardless, I get a full-body rush watching the athletes finish the race. All that hard work, courage, and determination paying off. Definitely a good "sparkly."

Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip... if I had to choose between eternal love or this ice cream, I'd choose the ice cream, because then I'd have both! I love this stuff!

A nice bottle glass of pinor noir or cabernet... I'm Italian. Its genetic. Its actually illegal for me to NOT like red wine. Oh well.

Any celeb sightings of the A-list variety... If you know me at all, you know I love celebs. And if you don't know me, sucks for you you should!

Vegan Cupcakes from Cupcake Station... I absolutely love treats. And I also love eating raw cake batter (or cookie dough, I'm not picky), so baking and eating cupcakes is a great hobby for me.

Aquaphor... I absolutely love this stuff. If you are a runner, use it to avoid chafing. Not a runner? Use it to make your lips shiny, your cuticles softer, the heels of your feet less gnarly... etc.

Well kiddies, there you have it. My list of "sparklies."

Since this is a running blog, I figured I should let you know I ran two miles at the highschool track last night. I hate running on the track, but sometimes I do it. Ahhhh well, that's it.

xo, c

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hi All,

It's been awhile since we've posted anything, so I thought I'd give you a few updates on what we've been up to...
  • We finished the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon. I would like to give a big "thank you" to my best friend Les for not leaving me at mile one where I DIED. That was a tough course. Add some day-before vino consumption and not enough water consumption and I pretty much wanted to quit before the race started. But, its over, and we got our medals. Which is all that matters, the medal and, of course, bragging rights. Onto the more important parts of the trip...
    • Les took me to an awesome spa in La Jolla for my birthday (its June 10th in case any of you were wondering. Next year I'll be 30 29!). We got couples massages (with each other, natch) and had a great time. Love my bestie.
    • I also got to see Sleeping Giant (Les's boyf) and Leslie's parents whom I LOVE. If I could choose any parents to adult-adopt me, it would be hers. They are such fun people and I always enjoy the time I spend with them. And, congrats to Leslie's dad who decided spur-of-the-moment to run the 13.1 as well! And thanks to her mom for buying us some awesome "San Diego FINISHER" shirts! I wore it on the plane ride home! And a big thank you to Sleeping Giant who cheered us and so graciously allowed me to share his girlfriend for the weekend. Thanks Sleeping Giant, she was mine first I owe you my sanity. :)
    • We went to an awesome mall called "Fashion Valley" in San Diego. I love malls. And I really like going to the mall with Les. So yeah, that was a highlight.
    • We got to explore La Jolla. And we think we saw a celebrity at a Mexican restaurant. We're not sure who she is, but she's blonde and she lives in Del Mar. She wears bifocals and is clearly in her late 40s or early 50s, but looks quite nice for her age. If any of you know who this woman is, please let me know because I will add her to the ever-growing list of celebrities I've seen in-person. And SPEAKING OF CELEBRITIES...
    • I saw Lynne from Real Housewives of Orange County at the race expo. She looks old. Her husband is really creepy looking. And I was totally unimpressed. I probably won't even add her to the list. Yeah, I definitely won't. Lynne, you're not on the list.

  • Our next half-marathon together will be the Denver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on October 17th. We had originally planned to do the Disney Half-Marathon the week before in Orlando, but Denver is a better weekend and will be more fun!

  • Our first full marathon together will be the Rock 'n' Roll marathon in Las Vegas on December 5th! BOOM! Yeah! I'm excited for this! 26.2 miles of hell fun! :)
I love the idea of the 26.2 miles, but I may hang up the running shoes for awhile after that race... and just do 5k and 10k stuff... I like that running allows me to eat garbage 24/7 to eat lots of nutritious food, but I hate that my knees hurt all the time. So we'll see, I haven't really decided either way yet. :)

It's been awhile, but I'm back. Hope you enjoyed today's installment :)

xo, c