Thursday, December 24, 2009

30 before I'm 30... continued


I hope everyone asked for some fun things for christmas! I really didn't ask for much this year, as opposed to every other year when I ask my parents to get me a private jet and a winter condo in Florida.... Since the PJ and the snowbird home never panned out, I figured I'd give up on those and ask for some practical items this year.... my favorite skincare line from Sephora, a few cute shirts/shorts for running, etc. Nothing too crazy! My sister and I love shopping for my mom, so she'll have a pretty good haul this year, and of course, princess addy, has about 200 presents. I wish I wasn't kidding but yeah, she normally does open about 200 presents on her b-day and xmas.... Not because of me, mind you, but my mom and sister are crazy and they start xmas shopping for her in June!

In recent news, I became a vegan a few weeks ago (to be totally honest, its not because of animal cruelty, although I do support the proper treatment of animals, its more for health reasons, I think I'm allergic to dairy) and I absolutely love it so far! I still wear leather and quite honestly, I probably always will, but not eating animal products thus far has really helped. I probably will cheat once in awhile, like I said before this really isn't for moral reasons for me, but moreso to get my diet in check, however for those of you who do the 100% vegan thing and don't wear leather or use anything made from animal products, more power to you! Anyways, I won't try to turn anyone else vegan and I still eat at normal restaurants, I just wanted to let everyone know about my little life change :)

OK onto my next 5 goals.

Enroll in a yoga class. This means a once weekly yoga class that I consistently attend. I actually need to be better about this kind of exercise because I have horrible back pain and yoga and pilates always help a lot, I'm just not that good about finding time to add those activties into my weekly routine.

Complete the required exams to go to grad school. I'm not entirely sure yet if I want to get my MBA or a Masters in Teaching but I want to attend grad school before I bite the dust, and both programs that I am considering have entrance exams (that I would REALLY need to study for... espectially the, ahem, GMAT... barf!).

Volunteer more. Especially during my time off work this last year, I've re-evaluated my schedule and realized I can definitely donate some time each week/month to helping others and my goal before I'm 30 is to have a place (or places) where I am consistently giving my time, energy, money, etc.

Class for Addy. I am not one of those parents who forces my child to do ANYTHING. She loves being active and loves learning, so I've never have to try and pull her in the right direction as far as her personal growth goes... HOWEVER, she is definitely getting to the age where she could start ballet, or swimming, or karate, or a music class or something! I want to help her find something she enjoys and help her grow in the areas that she likes and has demonstrated talent.

Learn to cook. Now that I've decided to become a vegan, I need to learn to cook some fun and tasty dishes that are actually edible and good for me! My goal before I'm 30 is to find between 5 and 10 meals that I can make for myself (and Addy) that are healthy and actually taste good (and don't end up getting fed to the dog by addy).

Alright, that's all for now! Have a great holiday!

Look for a post from Les and I sometime next week! We are seeing each other on Sunday and we'll blog all about it together! Our first joint post. Woooo!

xo, c

Monday, December 7, 2009

30 before I'm 30 (gassssppp!)

For all of you that have the pleasure of knowing me personally (hehehe :), you know that I hate 3 things. Snakes, Weddings, and my Birthday. Snakes, for obvious reasons, THEY SUCK. Weddings, who knows why, since I was a child I could barely handle them and I still make every excuse in the book to not go. And finally my Birthday! For all of you girls out there who have known me since the college days, you know I have HORRIBLE birthday luck. I mean, horrible. Everything from, well, I won't even go there, its just bad. Its so odd, there are even pictures of me as a little girl covering my ears while I blew out my candles as the kids at my party sang "happy birthday" to me. Who does that?! Kids are supposed to love their birthday!

Anyways, that brings me to this post. Two birthdays from now (NOT this coming birthday :)... I will be turning thirty. Yes, its finally almost here. I truly believe 30 is the new 20, just not for me! I think all my thirty year old friends are still drop dead gorgeous and look the same, if not better, than they did ten years ago, but I just don't think that about myself! So, in efforts to get some positive vibes around 06.10.2011, I'm creating a list of thirty goals for myself to get excited for the big 3-0. A lot of these goals are running/health related, but there are some generic personal growth goals on the list as well.

1. Finish a half-marathon (notice that does not say "run/sprint" or give a certain amount of time... I very well might be crawling over the finish line, but I'll finish!)

2. Go on a mini-vaca with Addy (for any of you that don't know, I'm a single mom to probably the cutest and smartest two and a half year old girl in the world, maybe even the universe... but she and I have never traveled anywhere alone! So its time to plan something fun!)

3. Live alone (for me this is huge, a. because I've either always lived with my parents, roommates or Addy's dad and b. I am petrified of being home alone. I feel like this is a fear that I might be able to conquer and why not? I'm only almost 30, jeez!)

4. Go an entire month without chocolate and wine (these are my huge vices, so it might be good to make a few sacrifices for the sake of my liver and my thighs and give them up for a little while.)

5. Move past the past (yes, I'm the only girl in the universe that still talks about the baggage I have from my college boyfriend 10 years ago, and he was actually a great person. Its time to take ownership for my own faults and shortcomings and not blame some lame guy I dated in 4th grade or my parents.)


On to bigger and brighter things, I had a great run today, oh no wait, I didn't. I worked all day. However I did have a great OUTDOOR **this is key for me, I hate running outside** run on Saturday. I've been really trying hard to complete at least a third of my runs outside because I know come January, I'm going to be kicking myself if my body is still 100% used to the treadmill.

Anyways, I'm tired. Night kiddies!

xo, c